What should you expect?

What outcomes can you expect when you escalate your dispute through our service? Our intervention can prompt suppliers to:

  • Implement practical measures (e.g., account credit issuance, account cancellation, tariff adjustments)
  • Issue an apology
  • Grant financial compensations up to £10,000
  • Recommend changes to avoid future issues
  • Or a mix of these responses

However, there are actions outside our remit, including:

  • Imposing penalties on companies
  • Influencing corporate policies or procedures
  • Levying fines

Resolution Timeline

The duration required to resolve disputes varies with each case’s specifics. Typically, we aim to resolve disputes within 6 weeks from when we receive all necessary documentation from involved parties.

What to Anticipate?

Circumstances that may hinder our involvement in your Dispute

While we strive to assist consumers whenever possible, there are conditions under which we may be unable to take up a dispute:

  • If the consumer has not allowed the supplier an 8-week period to resolve the issue since initially reporting dissatisfaction, or if the consumer has not received a Deadlock Letter that would permit approaching us before the 8-week mark.
  • If there’s an agreement between the consumer and the supplier on a resolution, and the consumer has accepted an offer.
  • If the matter is currently under judicial consideration.
  • If more than 12 months have passed since the consumer received a Deadlock Letter without approaching us.
  • If the consumer was not a customer of the supplier in question or the complaint pertains to services outside our coverage area. Our focus is on resolving disputes related to gas and electricity supply; complaints about ancillary services offered by some suppliers fall outside our scope.
  • If the complaint is deemed trivial, unfounded, or made with the intent to harass.
  • If the issue has already been examined by another ADR entity.
  • If addressing the complaint—or similar complaints—would significantly hinder The Energy Ombudsman’s operations.

Additional information:

  • Resolution Support: In addition to the outcomes listed, we offer guidance and support throughout the dispute resolution process, ensuring consumers understand their rights and options.
  • Continuous Updates: Throughout the resolution process, we keep consumers informed with regular updates on their case status and any progress made.
  • Educational Resources: We provide resources and tools to help consumers avoid future disputes, including educational materials on consumer rights and best practices for engaging with suppliers.
  • Collaborative Efforts for Systemic Change: Beyond individual case resolutions, we work with suppliers to identify and rectify systemic issues, contributing to overall industry improvements and consumer satisfaction.