Pricing and Enquiries

Welcome to The Energy Broker Directory’s Pricing and Inquiries page. Our platform offers a variety of services tailored to energy brokers, suppliers, and consumers seeking efficient solutions within the energy market. Below, you’ll find detailed information on our pricing structure for complaint management, listing upgrades, and premium visibility options.

1. Complaint Management Service

Our complaint management service is designed to offer a hassle-free resolution process, acting as a mediator between consumers and the ADR bodies. This service is chargeable based on a percentage of the compensation recovered for the client. The specific percentage will be discussed and agreed upon prior to the commencement of our services, ensuring transparency and satisfaction.

2. Broker and Supplier Listing Options

Basic Listing: Free

  • Includes the broker’s or supplier’s name and contact information.

Custom Description and Website Link: £15 per month

  • Upgrade your listing to include a custom description of your services and a direct link to your website, enhancing your profile’s appeal to potential clients.

Premium Listing: £50 per month

  • Appear at the top of search results within your category, significantly increasing your visibility and the likelihood of inquiries from potential clients.

Front Page Listing: £200 per month

  • Gain maximum exposure with a front-page listing, ensuring your profile is one of the first seen by visitors to The Energy Broker Directory.

All prices listed are guides at this stage and are subject to change.


For more information on our services, to discuss the complaint management fee structure, or to upgrade your listing, please contact us through our inquiry form or via email at Our team is dedicated to providing you with the support you need to enhance your visibility and connect with potential clients efficiently.

Thank you for considering The Energy Broker Directory. We look forward to helping you grow your business and streamline your complaint resolution process.