Complaints & Disputes Procedure

Initiate a Dialogue with Your Supplier

Before reaching out to us, it’s important to first inform your supplier about the concern and collaborate with them towards a resolution. Your supplier is allotted up to 8 weeks to address the issue. However, if they issue a deadlock letter before this period expires, you may approach us for assistance earlier.

Complaints Procedure at The Energy Broker Directory

At The Energy Broker Directory, we are committed to ensuring a fair and efficient resolution process for any complaints against energy brokers or suppliers. Our aim is to bridge the gap between consumers and brokers, facilitating a smooth resolution process through the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) schemes. Here is our step-by-step complaints procedure:

Step 1: Submission of Complaint

  • Consumers can submit their complaints or enquiries against a broker or supplier directly to us via our online form. This is the fastest way to get your information to us and start the resolution process.

Step 2: Review and Assessment

  • Upon receiving your complaint, our team will review the details provided and assess the situation based on the rules and regulations as well as what is fair and reasonable. During this stage, we may contact you for further information or clarification.

Step 3: Engagement with ADR Scheme

  • With a clear understanding of your complaint and desired outcome, we will engage with the appropriate ADR scheme or body on your behalf. Before proceeding with ADR, consider:
    • What outcome you desire.
    • The time available to you.
    • The cost implications of starting the process.
    • The willingness to avoid in-person meetings with the other party.
    • Understanding that in most ADR cases, each side pays their own costs, but in arbitration, costs can be apportioned differently.
    • Whether you still want the option to go to court alongside ADR.
    • The existence of any time limits for action.

Step 4: Resolution Process

  • Our independent and impartial service will take into account both the specifics of the complaint and broader principles of fairness and reasonableness. We aim to facilitate an outcome that is satisfactory to both parties, drawing upon insights and working to improve industry standards for the benefit of all.

Step 5: Final Outcome

  • Once the ADR scheme has made a decision, we will communicate this to you along with any steps you need to take. It’s important to note that the decision by the ADR scheme is binding on the company but not on you as the customer. You are free to accept or reject the decision.

Important Information Regarding Eight Week and Deadlock Letters:

  • In line with regulatory requirements, we ensure that consumers are informed about their right to refer their complaint to the Energy Ombudsman, highlighting the Ombudsman’s independence, the cost-free nature of their service, the types of redress available, and the binding nature of their decisions on the company.
  • We personalize communication to ensure clarity and accessibility, using plain language and providing specific details of your complaint, including a clear path to further contact and a statement of our position or final stance where applicable.
  • For microbusinesses, we clearly explain the criteria for ADR eligibility and ensure understanding of the process.

Contacting the Energy Ombudsman: If you are directed to approach the Energy Ombudsman following our complaints process, here are their contact details for your reference:

We are dedicated to helping improve the service and processes of suppliers and brokers to build trust and confidence in the energy sector. Our team is here to support you throughout the complaints process, aiming for a resolution that is both fair and beneficial to all parties involved.